This thirst quenching spot is nestled in the Victoria Gardens shopping mall right next to JC Penny. Gyu-Kaku is one of my favorite happy hour stops by far and if you have never been here then one trip is a MUST and I guarantee you will be hooked!

They have happy hour times in the restaurant and the bar is happy hour ALL DAY EVERY DAY! Gyu is an oasis for food and drinks at an incredible price for the quality and quantity. You can sit down in the restaurant in which you will be taken to your table that will have a grill in the middle (like Korean BBQ). They offer all you can eat on their meats and various other plates on their menu (including appetizers) at three different price points with the lowest being $22.95. I recommend the cheapest AYCE and order the Bistro Harami Miso non-stop!!! It will not disappoint.

As for the DRINKS you can get a pint of Bud-Light for $0.99 (pitcher $5) and Sapporo for $1.49 (pitcher $7.45). And for hard liquor I recommend their martinis or their ‘Gyu Island’ that are both $4 and poured generously. Check the list below for more of their many drink deals!

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