San Manuel

Opened 24/7

Feeling lucky? Why not try your luck at the San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino! They offer a variety of plays including blackjack, slots, poker, roulette, bingo, and more to satisfy your needs. They also have buffets and bars. If you’re brave, you can try out their $25 blackjack tables. If you’re just there to have fun without worrying about cashing out your wallet, there are slots that range from pennies to a dollar and higher. Some of my friends have claimed that you’re more likely to win on the upper floor than the lower, but really, I think it all comes down to chance. I’ve only been here once because it’s further away from where I live, but it gave me a modest first impression. I noticed it smells inside because of the smokers, but they do offer non-smoking areas. If you decide to come here during the weekend evenings, you should be aware that there will be more people. You should plan on arriving earlier, especially if you want to play poker. I’ve heard my friends saying they had to wait up to 15 minutes for a seat.

Location: 777 San Manuel Blvd.        (800) 359-2464

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