This weekend is homecoming for UC Riverside. And we all know this is a time to celebrate and have fun! It is inevitable that there will be a lot of alcohol consumption. But we want everyone to be SAFE and RESPONSIBLE! The UCR police department will be out conducting DUI checkpoints, party patrols and saturation patrols. Lucky for us, the UCR students, we have a program called Safe Ride to avoid getting into sticky situations.

Safe Ride is FREE for all UCR students. There are a few major details though you need to know, in order to use this service.

  • It is a one-way ride. You will be taken either to your home or to campus only. ( Unfortunately, not to another party)
  • You can receive a ride anywhere within the city limits of Riverside.
  • It is only free for those students who have their UC Riverside student ID card present. (If not, you will be charged for the cab fare)

So store this number in your phone and make sure to use it: 951-UCR-TAXI

Full details can be found here:

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